Face Coordination

Here at Hera, our technicians will be able to provide a full face coordination tailored to your skin tone, face shape, hair color, and the aesthetic that you are going for. We cater to all shapes and sizes and are able to create a look that looks best for your eye shape. We have worked on a plethora of clients all with different quirks, so no matter what your eye/face looks like we will be able to create a look that best suits you!


The tools and pigments that we use are always of the highest quality and are constantly being updated! Our needles and equipment are always one time use, everything is completely sanitized, and the pigments that we use are all made of organic minerals.

hand tools

Our technician is highly skilled in using hand tools and the right amount of pressure in order to handle and adjust into each individual's slight nuances.  

digital machine

She is also skilled in using the digital machine tools to create your look. The outcome will be a little different with using different tools, so our technician will decide what would be the best tools and techniques to use depending on each individual clients needs and skin type.

Our Unique Techniques


The most popular technique we use is called microblading in which the technician will create one by one realistic looking hairstrokes using sterile one time use needles. Depending on your skin type, the curvature of your muscles, and result you are looking for our technician will use the needles that are best suited for you.


The embroidery technique is a little bit different from the microblading technique. Here the technician will utilize a different sized needle in order to create a overall base color, so it gives the appearance of having makeup on versus just having the hairstrokes. Embroidery is usually used for clients that have little to no hairs, cancer survivors, and clients will alopecia, so we can fill in any sparse areas.


Often times the technician will combine both the microblading and embroidery technique, using the embroidery technique to fill in sparse areas and to create a base, and then going over it with the microblading technique to create the hairstrokes. Depending on the client's desired outcome we are able to accommodate which technique and tools we use


Best candidates for semi-permanent makeup

-Individuals that live a very busy lifestyle

-Individuals that do not wish to apply makeup

-Individuals that have trouble getting even brows/eyeliner

-Individuals that have active lifestyles or enjoy swimming/beach

-Cancer survivors

-Individuals with alopecia

-Individuals with spare eyebrows from over-plucking

-Individuals with uneven eyebrows

-Individuals that are experiencing hair loss.


We have worked with various celebrities from Seoul to Hollywood!