About Elysia An

Elysia An has been a makeup and permanent makeup tattoo artist for over 20 years and has worked with numerous celebrities from Seoul to Hollywood! She is always looking to find out about new tattooing techniques, new tools, and other materials and is constantly updating her skills/resources. She moved to America around 6 years ago and became a licensed tattoo artist and opened up Hera Permanent makeup in Los Angeles, California. Because she has worked as a makeup artist for so long, she is able to provide a very detailed consultation to each client, suggesting what would look the best for your face shape. She is very meticulous about her work and works to make sure each client receives the service, attention, and care that they are looking for. She always provides a design consultation before going into the actual procedure so during that time clients can let her know exactly what color, shape, length, thickness that they desire.